Lorenzo Spoleti

Computer Scientist & Web Developer


person Lorenzo Spoleti
email spoleti.lorenzo@gmail.com
phone +41 76 222 87 72


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Place Guesser

I wrote this application since I really like geography games. The basic idea is that you get images from random places around the world and you have to guess where it is on the map, the closer you get the more points you get.

This is inspired from Geuguessr but instead of using streetview I am using images from places on Google maps. I find the idea of using map images instead of streetview very interesting. First of all the images have basically a global coverage, instead streetview is not available in all countries around the globe. Also with photos you get to see a lot of places and panoramas that you would not be able to see from the street.

This web app is developed with Angular as a Frontend framework with Material for the UI. In the backend I use Express Js with Supabase for the database to store all places around the world, and to handle authenticaion. I am using Google Map APIs to get the photos of a place and for the embedded interactive map. The app is developed to be responsive so that it is mobile friendly.

Tech stack: Frontend : Angular, Material. Backend: Node.js, Express, Supabase, PostgreSQL
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Country Guesser

I wrote this application as a stepping stone for Place Guesser.

It is a simpler static web app inspired by a mix of Wordle with countries.
You have to guess a random country in the world and you get 6 tries. Each time you guess the compass will tell you the distance and direction of the destination.

This web app is developed with Angular as a Frontend framework with Material for the UI.


I graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Informatics at USI (Università della Svizzera italiana) in Lugano in 2018. I then spent 9 months learning german in Konstanz. Attended Master courses at ETH and UZH. Right now I am looking for a job in Zürich

Photo by me. If you want to see more.